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  • How long does it take to put up a marquee?
    Depending on size and type of terrain, Our crew can erect a marquee in as little as an hour. Larger marquees such as our 12 Meter wide (40 foot) clearspan marquees can take longer to erect, some of our largest marquees can take up to a week to fully erect and furnish.
  • How long can I hire a marquee?
    We offer both short and long term marquee rental. We work around your schedule. Usually for a weekend event, our crew arrives on site on mid-week to allow time for decorating. We can deliver the marquee sooner or later depending on the type of event. We also specialise in long Term rental as our marquees have become increasingly popular for storage and warehousing.
  • Are Marquees Waterproof?
    Yes, our marquees are weather resistant and will keep your event guests dry and warm!
  • Can you supply heaters?
    Yes, we offer a wide range of heaters to suit your marquee. Depending on the marquee size we will advise whether Convection or Indirect style heaters will work best. Our 80kw indirect diesel/Kero heater is our flagship heater capable of heating any size marquee event on the coldest Irish nights.
  • Why Should I choose Irish Marquee Hire?
    Trading since 2000, We have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. We have become nationwide leaders in the marquee & Events sector. Our clients include international corporations such as Mitie, Abbotts, Colas & more as seen on our homepage.
  • Can you provide a CAD drawing of my marquee?
    Yes, our CAD drawings are one of the things that set us apart from the rest, Our office staff can provide a full 2D floorplan and a 3D cad drawing of your marquee for you to view and amend before your event including furniture, window and entrance layouts.
  • What size marquees can you do?
    Our clearspan marquees are modular meaning they be built up to a length of over 500 foot long. Marquees are built in 3 meter bays, allowing us to keep adding bays until the desired length is reached. We offer marquees in 5 different widths, 6ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft & 40ft wide.
  • How do I know what size marquee to book?
    Typically, we base a marquees footprint on the number of guests attending your event. Give us a call and we can advise what size will suit your needs best. If extra space is required for a dance floor, catering etc. let us know and we can accommodate this in your quote
  • Do I need a marquee floor?
    Typically, we recommend a floor in all marquees. But no the option is there to hire a marquee without flooring. Without a floor we will drill 25mm holes into the concrete/ Tarmac with a cordless sds drill leaving a neat hole for our iron stake to sit in to act as a adequate tethering point. The Iron stakes will be removed after the event but the holes will remain until they are naturally filled in with debris and grit.
  • My Garden is Uneven can I still hire a marquee?
    Yes. Depending on the severity of the terrain we can accommodate for dips by using a subfloor in our marquees.
  • Do you offer portaloo hire?
    Yes, we offer chemical toilet hire for all events. Depending on the size of the event servicing can be arranged.
  • Can I use a marquee as a wedding venue?
    Yes, marquee weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the complete versatility and customizability of marquees. Marquees provide a blank canvas for your imagination to run wild. Wedding marquees can be built to any size to suit your guest count. We offer wedding marquees with solid doors, glass paneling and panoramic windows along with roof and side wall draping.
  • Where can I get table cloths?
    We offer table cloth hire to suit our range of furniture. We offer round tablecloths for round tables along with table cloth's to suit 6ft trestle tables.
  • Do you offer furniture hire ?
    Yes, Furniture hire is big business here at Irish Marquee hire. We offer the ever so popular Chiavari wedding chairs, standard folding white chairs, round banquet style tables and standard trestle tables. We also offer candy cart hire, bar counter hire along with bottle cooler hire.
  • Do you hire bottle coolers?
    Yes, we have stock multiple bottle coolers in our hire fleet. These 'under-the-counter' coolers offer a stylish sliding glass door.
  • Do you deliver to Connaught?
    Yes, We can deliver marquees to all of Connaught - Marquee Hire Sligo, Marquee Hire Leitrim, Marquee Hire Mayo, Marquee Hire Roscommon and Marquee Hire Galway
  • Do you deliver to Ulster?
    Yes, we can deliver marquees to all of Ulster - Marquee Hire Cavan, Marquee Hire Donegal, Marquee Hire Derry, Marquee Hire Monaghan, Marquee Hire Tyrone , Marquee Hire Armagh, Marquee Hire Antrim, Marquee Hire Down and Marquee Hire Fermanagh
  • Do you deliver to Leinster?
    Yes, we can deliver marquees to all of Leinster - Marquee Hire Dublin, Marquee Hire Kildare, Marquee Hire Wicklow, Marquee Hire Wexford, Marquee Hire Louth, Marquee Hire Meath, Marquee Hire West-Meath, Marquee Hire Longford, Marquee Hire Offaly, Marquee Hire Laois, Marquee Hire Offaly, Marquee Hire Carlow and Marquee Hire Kilkenny.
  • Do you deliver to Munster?
    Yes, We deliver marquees to all of Munster - Marquee Hire Limerick, Marquee Hire Clare, Marquee Hire Cork, Marquee Hire Kerry, Marquee Hire Tipperary and Marquee Hire Waterford.
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