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Here at S&G Party Hire Ltd.  We cater for all types of weddings whether they are big or small, we offer a wide range of pristine marquees to suit your needs. Our drapes beautifully compliment our dark wooden floors, we also offer carpet in all wedding marquees. To enhance the experience we offer optional catering marquees and entrance marquees, and to top it off ,our elegant marquees can be paired with our lush limewash chiavari chairs and round tables. We have done wedding marquees all around Ireland, with our expertise your wedding marquee is sure to go receive the maximum wow factor.


Wedding Marquees

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Our Services


Corporate Marquees

Our corporate marquee range is very flexible, we offer marquees for all events along with marquees for team building exercise, barbecue, concerts and so much more.  We offer our wooden flooring system along with optional folding white chairs and trestle tables. we can build these marquees to a size that facilitate all of your needs. These corporate marquees can be built to the required length and width.

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Festival Marquees

If your are having a large event or festival, we can cover the event with marquees. After all nothing is worse than getting rained out of an event. we are capable of covering thousands of square feet and we can supply even biggest of our marquees with our wooden flooring system. Give us a call Or shoot us an email at to discuss a free no obligations quote.


Party Marquees

Whether its a christening or 100th birthday we have a marquee to suit your occasions needs, we offer an extensive range of party marquees to fit any and every size garden. we can supply your party marquee with table and chairs along with table cloths, speakers and even party lights. We also hire out bars and optics along with fridges and Space heaters. 

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Agri-Show Marquees

WE supply marquees for agriculture shows all a round the country. We specialize in large marquees dedicated towards agriculture shows. We supply simple white marquees and blue & white covered marquees for these events. Get in contact with us if your planning a show anywhere in Ireland and we will be sure go get back to you with a competitive quote.


Beer Garden Marquees

During recent times, we have had a huge increase in demand for beer garden marquees. With current restrictions, our marquees can accommodate for outdoor dining.  Our team can custom build our marquees to utilize unused outdoor space such as a carpark to allow for extra capacity. We build the marquees to fit your area effectively.  We can build these extra capacity marquees with or without window walls and gables depending on current government advice. Flooring, lighting, heating and seating can be all be provided by Irish marquee hire.  


Storage Marquees & Warehousing Marquees

Providing temporary Storage Solutions is a big part of our business here at Irish marquee hire. We offer long-term as well as short-term contract hire. Our weather resistant marquees have become a key part in operation's for many business's and corporation around Ireland. The majority of our storage marquees are build on a modular subfloor allowing us to lay our heavy duty cassette flooring. The advantages of the subfloor and flooring combo allows pallet jacks, trolleys and storage dolly's to freely transverse the storage marquee without the worry of bumpy outdoor terrain. We also offer these warehousing marquees with out flooring allowing the use of forklifts inside the unit. We can adjust gable ends and side panels to allow vans and trucks to off load alongside the marquee allowing easy access. Storage marquees can be build in any size necessary whether your a major distribution service or a local grocer we have a warehousing marquee to suit your needs. We offer to provide our storage marquees with or without window walls for security, we can also provide fully qualified subcontractors to provide electrical work, carpentry along with CCTV providers where necessary. Marquees on long term hire are routinely safety checked by our crew. 


Outdoor Dining Marquees

With the ongoing government advice we have seen a big uptake in Pubs, restaurants and cafe's alike opting to erect one of our versatile marquees to accommodate outdoor dining. We have travelled nationwide in the past few months providing suitable marquees for business to continue trading. The advantages of our marquees in these circumstances are obvious, our marquees provide protection from the elements for your customers. We can build these marquees with or without gable ends and sidewalls depending on the situation and current government advice. Outdoor seating marquees can be connected to heaters to provide comfort for your customers during the cold season. Social distancing can be maintained in our marquees by building the marquee to your desired size.


Queuing Marquees

In the retail sector we have seen another big uptake in marquees outside the main entrance of shops and supermarkets to grant comfort to customers by protecting them for the elements whilst maintaining social distancing. With government advice to limit the amount of customers in a retail setting at any one time we  have travelled nationwide erecting marquees for major supermarkets chains and franchises to accommodate these rules. Our marquees can be built in a narrow tunnel style for single file queuing or the queuing marquee can be built wider to allow for box style queuing. Again we can provide heating and flooring in these marquees to increase comfort for customers.

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Canteen Marquee

During the pandemic we have provided an substantial number of canteen style marquees to uphold social distancing measures in the workplace. Prior to the pandemic our marquees would commonly be used as canteens or breakrooms on building sites. We can provide solid walling and pvc doors to these marquees along with heaters and furnishings.


Additional Marquees

 Our marquees can offer additional entrances, walkway marquees, catering marquees and more get in contact with us for a quote

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